How Online Travel Agencies Can Take Back Control of Transactions

OTA’s must provide a seamless customer and merchant experience but making payments to hotels and airlines isn’t always easy or transparent. In the worst case scenario, a traveler checking into a hotel finds out the OTA’s payment was declined and their reservations weren’t actually secured. How can OTAs better control payments, authorize transactions, and create a more reliably positive customer experience?

Watch Tazmun Nahar, Head of Partnerships at Skiplagged, Jim McGowan, Head of eCommerce at Marqeta, and Tameez Sunderji, Marqeta's Director of Product Management, to find out how Marqeta helps OTAs, like Skiplagged, improve the payment experience.

about 2 years agoMay 30, 2018
For merchant-of-record, is the idea that we create virtual cards with our agency card as the funding source?

Does Marqeta offer merchant accounts to OTAs?
Jame Ervin
about 2 years agoJune 4, 2018
The Marqeta solution allows a merchant-of-record to create virtual cards. The idea is that you pay for goods and services on behalf of your customer, and it will allow you to add any markup or fees. It also enables your business to earn extra revenue through card interchange. Marqeta Cards are funded in real-time through a reserve bank account held at one of our six partner banks.

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